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About Hype Digital Innovation

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We are the leading consumer focused mobile solutions company for non-technical entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Company Background

Hype Digital Innovation (HDI) began by co-founders Stephanie McKire and Sydney Davis. Stephanie has over 30 years engineering and management experience in the utility and automotive industries specializing in planning, systems integration and quality.  Stephanie holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. Sydney is a Systems Integration Specialist with over 5 years of experience in launching process driven systems for operational management. Sydney has a B.S, Masters in Project Management and is a Certified Software Engineer. Both owners have seen high degrees of success in their previous entrepreneurial adventures.

HDI is located in Detroit, Michigan along East Jefferson Avenue and is a limited liability company registered in Michigan.  We have experienced success with a diverse array of clients for mobile solutions which include;

  • Strategic employee engagement survey with custom analytics for John Hopkins Hospital
  • Developed startup app for two time 1st place winning “Giver” social responsibility app
  • Created custom solution for finding devices via Bluetooth using proximity ranges and sound.

The Business

Hype Digital Innovation (HDI) creates custom mobile solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses to extend their customer engagement by enhancing their customer experience on smartphones and tablets.  Most small businesses have similar needs, so HDI packages code for use in most small business types with the opportunity to address unique requirements. By having common and complex functionality packaged for most business needs HDI, can offer faster turnaround times for projects.  We value the simplicity and transparency in our client on boarding & app review process. Through understanding of our target audience pain points, we use common tools to generate instant pricing by mobile functionality so customers know what they are paying for. When customers need to test their app, they can download the HDI mobile app previewer on any smartphone or tablet and use their app from an end user perspective. We are innovative to the mobile development industry because we use a dashboard to manage their analytics and make instant content changes using an app emulator without resubmitting their app to the market and can create, modify and manage push notifications and app users on the go with our HDI mobile app. Our long-term goal is to collaborate with large businesses and enterprise organizations to develop digital solutions for business optimization. 

Products and Services

We develop and publish mobile app solutions for multiple industries and provide consulting services to increase app utilization and determine necessary functionality scope.

Contact Us About Our Services

8200 E Jefferson Ave, Suite 1210
Detroit, MI